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Henry H., British surgeon, 1850-1909. See: Clutton joints.
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Clutton will hold his tongue for a moment, I'll just help you a little," she said.
"Miss Price dislikes me because I have humour," said Clutton, looking meditatively at his canvas, "but she detests me because I have genius."
"Miss Price wants to indicate that she is giving you the advantage of her knowledge from a sense of duty rather than on account of any charms of your person," said Clutton.
"Some of us go to Gravier's for lunch," she said to Philip, with a look at Clutton. "I always go home myself."
"I'll take you to Gravier's if you like," said Clutton.
They came to the cheap little restaurant at which several of the students ate, and Clutton sat down at a table at which three or four men were already seated.
"By the way, what's your name?" said Clutton, as they took their seats.
"Allow me to introduce an old and trusted friend, Carey by name," said Clutton gravely.
TALENTED young singers from Clutton C of E Primary School descended on Ellesmere Port Civic Hall to take part in the third annual Ignite Music Festival organised by the Ignite Teaching School Alliance.
Ethan Frederick was sitting on a sofa and was asked to go back to his cell at the Wrexham super jail, by prison guards Andrew Moss and Nicholas Clutton on November 14 2018.
A passing doctor helped to save the lives of Louis Bronstein and his girlfriend Kady Middleton after they had been knocked down by Alistair Clutton, who pleaded guilty at Warwick Crown Court to two charges of causing serious injury by dangerous driving.
Sam Clutton, director of Clutton Agricultural Ltd in Wrexham, said: "We have been dealing with in excess of 100 sheep on one farm.