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A regional term for marijuana cigarette
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Sadly there is a lot of clutching at straws at the moment but while there is still a straw to be clutched let's clutch it heartily!" Coleman is the first to admit his players, while "a good set of lads", are "very nervous" at home.
SUNDERLAND, May 3 -- Sir Alex Ferguson admits Manchester United are "clutching at straws" in their bid to win the Premier League for a record fourth consecutive time.
Thommo, a known baiter of Ponting's style of captaincy, said: "He's clutching at straws if he believes Australia are at their best in adversity.
Ms Williams, 38, said there was an urgent need for Liberal principles to be brought back into Welsh government as she accused First Minister Rhodri Morgan and Deputy First Minister Ieuan Wyn Jones of "fumbling around, clutching at straws".
Ofsted is clutching at straws in seeking to claim otherwise.
Or is it just one more indication that some American corporations are continuing to discriminate in hiring practices, while clutching at straws to compensate for poor management?
"They were clutching at straws," Crosby says, recalling that day in 1982 when officers handed him samples of pot from a 188-kilogram marijuana bust -- then the largest in New Zealand's history.
But critics are clutching at straws saying the ball hadn't stopped when Alisson restarted play.
But Aran said Ali 'is clutching at straws as his days are numbered'.
It must be true love I'm more than willing to risk frozen toes for these jazzy shoes from Dune, PS75 Clutching at straws Please make the straw handbag trend go away.
I am either clutching at straws or the eternal optimist.
You will have gathered that I am of course a supporter of Cardiff City and, yes, maybe I am clutching at straws, but surely the FA rules apply to all its registered associations.