talipes equinovarus

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tal·i·pes e·qui·no·va'r·us

talipes equinus and talipes varus combined; the foot is plantarflexed, inverted, and adducted.

talipes equinovarus

See clubfoot.

tal·i·pes e·qui·no·var·us

(tal'i-pēz ē-kwī-nō-vā'rŭs)
Talipes equinus and talipes varus combined; the foot is plantiflexed, inverted, and adducted.
Synonym(s): clubfoot, club foot, equinovarus.

talipes equinovarus

A combination of talipes equinus and talipes valgus. Synonym: clubfoot
See also: talipes
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Structural club foot requires physiotherapy and a cast for about three years.
Patients having other congenital problems like Arthrogryposis, Meningomylocele, spina bifida and patients who had undergone previous surgical treatment for management of club foot were excluded from the study.
Noah, from Walsall, was born with Talipese in his left foot - more commonly known as club foot.
The Coordinator of the workshop, Surgeon Faheem Ahmad Memon mentioned that Ponseti Technique is an easy and non surgical treatment and it is need of the hour to provide proper information to the public regarding the treatment of Club foot by Ponseti Technique as most of the people are not aware of this low cost and effective treatment for a deformity.
Despite the disability of a club foot, Smith was determined to compete at the highest level in bobsleigh, and had g g progressed to become a brakeman in the British four-man bob.
When I was pregnant and had a scan that showed Mason had a club foot I was really upset and worried.
Ronnie can't bring herself to breastfeed 'James' and is on edge when the midwife notices the baby has lost weight and his club foot.
He's got a club foot, which is probably why he hung in the straight here .
EGYPT'S famed King Tutankhamun suffered from a cleft palate and club foot, may have walked with a cane and died from complications from a broken leg exacerbated by malaria, according to the most extensive study ever of his mummy.
The Leicester band also played some of their past hits, including Club Foot and Shoot the Runner.
Mr Scott will see children with cerebral palsy and other complex orthopaedic conditions such as club foot and hip problems as well as more straightforward conditions.
The secrecy row "centres on mothers who opt for termination because their unborn babies have been diagnosed with conditions such as club foot and cleft palate.

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