talipes equinovarus

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tal·i·pes e·qui·no·va'r·us

talipes equinus and talipes varus combined; the foot is plantarflexed, inverted, and adducted.
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tal·i·pes e·qui·no·var·us

(tal'i-pēz ē-kwī-nō-vā'rŭs)
Talipes equinus and talipes varus combined; the foot is plantiflexed, inverted, and adducted.
Synonym(s): clubfoot, club foot, equinovarus.
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talipes equinovarus

A combination of talipes equinus and talipes valgus. Synonym: clubfoot
See also: talipes
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Speaking on the occasion, Dr Ilyas said that club foot clinic had been working at the Paraplegic Centre, Peshawar, where free-of-cost treatment was being provided to the children.
Morceunde JA, Dolan LA, Dietz FR, Ponseti IV.Radical reduction in the rate of extensive corrective surgery for club foot using Ponseti method.Paediatrics.2004; 113: 376-80.
Objective of this study is basically spreading the awareness regarding the management of club foot by Ponseti method in secondary care centers where appropriate concerned faculty and staff is available.
BYE BYE BOOTS: Mason Fairbrother with his old corrective boots with mum Lisa Smith and great-gran Jane Murray after the use of 'soft casts' proved effective on his club foot
One in 800 children are born with club foot - a genetic condition where the feet twist so the weight rests on the heel.
"I remember being brought to a doctor in Dublin because I had a club foot, and he remarked how cold I was.
One Step at a Time tells the story of the author's daughter, Camille, a child who was born with hip dysplasia and a club foot. She is a happy child, who, along with her family, takes life "one step at a time." The book follows Camille through her first surgery and her fitting for leg braces, and explains how she needs to use a walker to help make her legs stronger.
Born with a club foot, Philip Carey is acutely sensitive of his handicap.
I think that's how other parents must be feeling today,' said visibly content Ashgar Ali, while sharing the story of her daughter's recovery from club foot at a ceremony organised at the Indus Hospital (IH) on Saturday.
Club foot, also called talipes, is a condition where a baby is born with one or both of their feet twisted out of shape.
Noor Elahi inaugurated a dedicated Ponseti Club Foot Clinic, at Dow University of Health Sciences' Ojha campus here on Wednesday.
A SIX-year-old boy who was born with club foot will be leading a team of young runners around the course at the Great Birmingham 10k next month.

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