talipes equinovarus

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tal·i·pes e·qui·no·va'r·us

talipes equinus and talipes varus combined; the foot is plantarflexed, inverted, and adducted.

talipes equinovarus

See clubfoot.

tal·i·pes e·qui·no·var·us

(tal'i-pēz ē-kwī-nō-vā'rŭs)
Talipes equinus and talipes varus combined; the foot is plantiflexed, inverted, and adducted.
Synonym(s): clubfoot, club foot, equinovarus.

talipes equinovarus

A combination of talipes equinus and talipes valgus. Synonym: clubfoot
See also: talipes
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When I was pregnant and had a scan that showed Mason had a club foot I was really upset and worried.
We need help and people can do so by sponsoring a child, helping us to buy an SUV for one of our sponsored programmes in Africa, or helping us raise awareness that club foot, scoliosis and hip dislocations can be treated and need to be treated early," says Sinclair.
A Midland curate has condemned as "illegal" the abortion of 20 pregnancies in late term after foetuses had been identified as suffering from club foot.
The 14-year-old suffers an agonising condition known as club foot and has already had his right leg amputated.
Kasabian, who play the Sounds stage in Middlesbrough Town Hall, broke into the charts at No 19 this week with new single Club Foot.
She has a club foot, cleft palate, agenesis of the corpus callosum, and had heart surgery at the age of 10 months to repair a patent ductus arterosus (abnormal, persistent fetal connection between the left pulmonary artery and descending aorta).
Polidori, 83, is the great-great-great grandson of the Italian physician who treated the club foot of English poet George Gordon (Lord Byron).
Beth Custer and her Club Foot Orchestra provided rollicking Country and western accompaniment.
Sam, who was diagnosed from birth with bilateral talipes, a condition often referred to as club foot, retired from a professional career in swimming at 22 and is now enrolled on an apprenticeship with British Gas as a Smart Energy Expert.
VASCULUM A Botanist's collecting case B In-turned club foot C Personal slave who am I?
Greaves, who has a club foot, now has a full set of Paralympic medals after winning gold in 2000 and 2004 and bronze in 2008.
at the Bernabeu in Madrid, prize in European club foot T4: Smallville (1.

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