cloverleaf skull syndrome

clo·ver·leaf skull syn·drome

intrauterine bone dysplasia and synostosis of the coronal and lambdoid sutures of the cranium producing a trilobar head shape, sometimes associated with exophthalmos, and various craniofacial and long-bone anomalies; the condition is sporadic.
A condition characterised by a deformity of the cranial vault in which a frontal film demonstrates a tri-lobed appearance caused by premature closure of the sutures, which is accompanied by hydrocephaly
Aetiology Thanatophoric dwarfism [MIM 148800], accompanied by a prominent forehead, depressed nasal bridge, shortened limbs, bowing of femora, epiphyseal cupping, flattened vertebral bodies, achondroplasia-like pelvis, often, but not invariably, associated with mental retardation
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Manchester Crown Court had earlier heard that psychiatric nurse Watts was devoted to Abigail, who was dubbed Britain's most disabled child after being born with the rare cloverleaf skull syndrome.