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A morphologic descriptor for a multilobed pattern that appears to emanate in a 2-D plane from a single point, likened to the low leguminous herb of the genus, Trifolium
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Four students currently work for the Clover Leaf. They pitch the stories they want to write, which are then edited by Pete Spitler, the managing editor of the Press and Weekly papers.
All 36 cases were done under general anaesthesia and fixed with clover leaf LCP.
Also rolling out is an 8-count size of Sister Schubert's Clover Leaf Style Dinner Rolls.
The family buried Noah in the Clover Leaf Memorial Garden of Winfield Cemetery, in Butlin Road, Rugby, on Tuesday .
"The adjoining Clover Leaf pub/restaurant which is now open, and Ramada Hotel which is currently under construction, will enhance the location even further."
The inquest jury heard that Mr Lee, of Wyllin Road, Kirkby, had suffered from the rare genetic disorder clover leaf syndrome which resulted in a malformed skull, learning difficulties and impaired movement and had been confined to a wheelchair.
Vander Dussen previously worked as export production planner for four pulp mills at Canfor, Vancouver, BC, and prior to that, she was the traffic manager at Clover Leaf Seafoods Inc.
Later, with the advent of Christianity, the clover leaf was incorporated into Christian motifs.
In addition to the Bumble Bee trademark brands, the transaction includes the Orleans, Paramount and Clover Leaf brands, as well as the Bumble Bee operating facilities.
The transaction includes the Bumble Bee, Orleans, Paramount and Clover Leaf brands, as well as Bumble Bee's operating facilities in Canada, Ecuador, Puerto Rico and the United States.
We collected 954 (Table 1), or 81%, of the maximum number of white clover leaf samples that could have been taken during the study (had there been a stolon with a trifoliate leaf at each of the 37 sampling points in the four quadrats).
In particular, '[clover leaf]' is used to cover a wide range of 'clover leaf ' symbols).