Clove Cigarette

A cigarette made of tobacco leaves, cloves, and spices prepared from the dried flowers of a tropical tree, Eugenia aromatica; CCs are produced in Indonesia, where they are the preferred (smoked by 90% of smokers) smoking product; 30–40% is shredded clove buds, while the rest is tobacco
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Layton, a lawyer in the Washington office of Mayer Brown, said that since 2010 he had led a team from the firm in the clove cigarette dispute.
21 December 2010 - Indonesian clove cigarette maker Djarum Group has raised its stake in Jakarta-based Bank Central Asia (JAK:BBCA) to 50.24% through the purchase of 515m additional shares for an aggregate IDR3.45trn (USD382m/EUR290m), Reuters said today citing two people close to the transaction.
A November 2008 company update on Indonesian clove cigarette manufacturer Gudang Garam by equity research company Danareksa has shown that the company has now lost its previous place as market leader to HM Sampoerna, the local kretek dynasty bought out by Philip Morris in 2005.
Tjandra Aditama: About 80 percent of Indonesian tobacco sales are kretek cigarettes, a local clove cigarette. These kretek cigarettes started as a kind of home industry and have become a very big industry in the country.
As a brown clove cigarette smoldered in her right hand, University of Oregon freshman Jessica Woloshun said smoking, for her, is just "a casual thing."
Quantities of radicals trapped from tobacco smoke were: 54 [+ or -] 2 nmol *R per Marlboro cigarette, 66 [+ or -] 9 nmol *R per Djarum clove cigarette, and 185 [+ or -] 9 nmol *R per Swisher Sweet cigar.
Now, as he puffs on a heavily-scented clove cigarette, Ratu stresses that Marianne has been granted a great honour.
The excise tariff on hand rolled clove flavored cigarettes is not the same as that on machine rolled clove cigarette.
The new company will operate in cigarette industry with an annual capacity to produce 1,500,000,000 sticks of hand rolled clove cigarette, 9,000,000,000 sticks of machine rolled clove cigarette and 2.000,000,000 sticks of white clove cigarette machine.
Indonesia has 861 clove cigarette factories both large and small.
Line of Business Clove Cigarette Manufacturing and Investment
The production of hand rolled clove cigarette (SKT) and machine rolled clove cigarettes (SKM) declined but recovered soon amid the lingering crisis..