Arthur M., 20th-century U.S. zoologist and pathologist. See: Cloudman melanoma.
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In one of the first experiments conducted in melanoma, 6- to 8-week-old female CDBA/2F1 mice consumed water or 20 percent alcohol for 52 weeks before being inoculated in a leg with the Cloudman 8-91 melanoma tumor (Ketcham et al.
Each of these takes a slightly different slant, and each adds something to its predecessors: Shakespeare in America, by Esther Cloudman Dunn (1939); the first chapter of Highbrow/Lowbrow: The Emergence of Cultural Hierarchy in America, by Lawrence W.
In addition to Blau, an ex-senior vice president with UBS who is now the group's CEO and president, Fusion Family Wealth includes three other advisors and one associate: Harvey Radler, Jeffrey Blick, Joel Bodner and James Cloudman.
2010) illustrated how to deploy a compute cluster using the Amazon EC2 cloud and Galaxy CloudMan.
A significant book by Esther Cloudman Dunn appeared in 1939.
The effect of histamine, antihistamines, and a mast cell stabilizer on the growth of cloudman melanoma cells in DBA/2 mice.
ANN ROSALIND JONES is Esther Cloudman Dunn Professor of Comparative Literature at Smith College.
Inhibition of proliferation of Cloudman S91 melanoma cells by insulin and characterization of some insulin-resistant variants.
Previous research documented that formerly underserved clients such as home-based women utilized telephone counseling frequently (Roach, Reardon, Alexander, & Cloudman, 1983).