Clostridium novyi

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Clos·trid·i·um no'v·yi

a bacterial species consisting of three types, A, B, and C; type A, from a case of gaseous gangrene and from human necrotic hepatitis, produces γ-toxin (a hemolytic lecithinase); B, from black leg disease (infectious necrotic hepatitis) of sheep, produces β-toxin (a hemolytic lecithinase); and C, found in bacillary osteomyelitis of water buffaloes, does not produce toxin.
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Clos·trid·i·um no·vy·i

(klos-trid'ē-ŭm nō'vē-i)
A bacterial species that causes gas gangrene and necrotic hepatitis.
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Clostridium novyi

A species found in many cases of gas gangrene.
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