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 [klo-strid´e-um] (pl. clostri´dia) (L.)
any individual of the genus Clostridium.
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Plural of clostridium.
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Similarly to SLE and SSc, a dysbiosis consisting in a reduction in Clostridiales has been reported in fecal samples of BD patients, with a subsequent hypoproduction of SCFAs having anti-inflammatory properties.
The unclassified Clostridiales tended to be found (p < 0.1) in reduced numbers in the "heavy" fractions.
The Lactobacillales order showed the highest amount of assigned sequence reads for all tested parameters, followed by Clostridiales and Enterobacteriales/Actinomycetales.
Relative genera could not be determined phylogenetically, though clones did group into relative families, including Bacteroidaceae (27%), Porphyromonadaceae (23%), Clostridiaceae (22%), Enterobacteriaceae (12%), Lachnospiraceae (8%), Verrucomicrobiaceae (4%), Aeromonadaceae (2%), and unknown Clostridiales (2%).
Sin embargo, debido a que las larvas utilizadas por el no estaban esteriles, algunos de sus pacientes llegaron a infectarse con Clostridium tetani Flugge, 1886 (Clostridiales: Clostridiaceae).
Christensenellaceae Clostridiales Coriobacteriaceae Dehalobacteriaceae Odoribacter Odoribacteriaceae Peptococcaceae RF39 Rikenellaceae Veillonella Verrucomicrobiaceae Victivallaceae
The most represented order within the Firmicutes phylum was Clostridiales (16.4%) followed by Selenomonadales (2.8%) (Figure 1).
iners (CSTIII), whereas CSTIV is characterized by low proportions of lactobacilli and is composed of a diverse mixture of primarily strict anaerobic bacteria including species of the genera Gardnerella, Atopobium, Mobiluncus, Prevotella and other taxa in the order Clostridiales, as seen with states of BV.