Closet Drinker

A person who tries to keep his/her excess alcohol use or frank alcoholism a secret from friends and/or family, by using mouthwash, drinking alone, etc.
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If you're a closet drinker that's when alarm bells should start ringing loudly.' But Dale Conlon, Senior Admissions Counsellor at the Clifton Clinic, Bedfordshire, agrees drinking alone at home isn't healthy.
He's a closet drinker, is scared of entering lifts, has wild mood swings -- in short, a loner with too many problems.
JAMES' wife was a closet drinker. He would come home from work knowing full well she had hit the bottle before he arrived.
Not only are alcoholic patients particularly prone to addiction, he said, but a binge--even in a "closet drinker"--could be deadly in combination with these drugs.
"When you become addicted, you become very much aware that you shouldn't show that in public places, so you become more and more of a closet drinker," he explains.