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closeout, closure

the finalization of a feeding program in a feedlot. The cattle are sold and a balance sheet is struck which includes the costs of feeding and housing or confining them.
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Executives say that after doing a store-by-store review, another 85 closeout stores and all of the furniture stores were failing to meet expectations and would probably be closed.
Rather than add the dropped merchandise to its inventory, executives opted to create a few strategically located closeout stores that would sell only the deleted merchandise
Stores by division consist of: 1,165 closeout stores operating as ODD LOTS, BIG LOTS, BIG LOTS FURNITURE, PIC `N' SAVE and MAC FRUGAL'S BARGAINS-CLOSE-OUTS and 1,329 toy and close-out toy stores operating as K-B TOYS, K-B TOY WORKS, K-B TOY OUTLET and with Online Shopping at www.
Big Lots finished fiscal 2003 with 1,430 closeout stores in 45 states operating under the Big Lots and Big Lots Furniture banners.
Tuesday Morning, the Dallas-based chain of deep-discount and closeout stores that specializes in gift and specialty items, opened five stores in four states last week, bringing its total to 368 stores in 37 states.
In addition, the company opened 87 furniture sections in its closeout stores while allocating additional space to the department in another 183 outlets, with incremental sales and profits from the expansion program coming in on plan.
Big Lots finished fiscal 2002 with 1,380 closeout stores in 45 states operating as Big Lots and Big Lots Furniture.