closed system

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closed sys·tem

a system in which there is no exchange of material, energy, or information with the environment.
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Between 2018 and 2019 there was a significant increase in closed system products available from US online retailers, mainly pre-filled tank/pod systems which showed a fall in average price.
* the development is a closed system ensuring no nutrients or topsoil enters the rivers on the Murray Darling system
The X-BACS purifies and/or activates cells of interest from blood, bone marrow or leukapheresis in a semi-automated "closed system" process with precision and speed, concluded the company.
Results: There was no evidence of microbial contamination of vials stored for 7 days in refrigeration and handled with a protected port (closed system transfer device or nonclosed dispensing pin).
The differences between open and closed system models motivate the need for researchers to investigate the performance of devices in either open or closed systems.
The device's closed system operates by using pressure, which forces the sample against the lysis plate in the tubes for low-shear cell disruption.
* A closed system to prevent contaminants from penetrating into the stopcock fluid path, reduces the risk of bloodstream infections (DSS).
The earth is not a perfect closed system, but for the purpose of your argument, it is a closed system.
Wu (US Naval Academy-Maryland) profiles 10 types of heat engines that use gas as the working fluid in a closed system model.
The Slurry Trap is a 20 gallon closed system that vacuums concrete/asphalt slurry, traps it in a reusable filter bag, and then pumps the filtered water back to the bit / blade for cooling.
Centralized distribution in a closed system minimizes routine material handling and adhesive contamination inherent with manual filling methods.
Business Does Not Operate in a Closed System. The current system places American companies at a competitive disadvantage, and TEI testified that Congress must act to create a tax environment that allows U.S.