closed panel

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A managed care plan—e.g., staff and group model HMO—in which covered insureds must select a primary care physician, who has control over referrals to other physicians in or out of the group. Closed panels generally do not reimburse their members for health care services used outside of the provider network

closed panel,

n 1. in a prepayment plan, a group of dental professionals sharing office facilities who provide stipulated services to an eligible group for a set premium. For beneficiaries of plans using closed panels, choice of dental professionals is limited to panel members. Dentists must accept any beneficiary as a patient.
2. a closed-panel dental benefits plan exists when patients eligible to receive benefits can receive them only if services are provided by dental professionals who have signed an agreement with the benefits plan to provide treatment to eligible patients. As a result of the dental professional reimbursement methods characteristic of a closed-panel plan, only a small percentage of practicing dental professionals in a given geographic area are typically contracted by the plan to provide dental services.