Closed Panel

A managed care plan—e.g., staff and group model HMO—in which covered insureds must select a primary care physician, who has control over referrals to other physicians in or out of the group. Closed panels generally do not reimburse their members for health care services used outside of the provider network
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Particularly in closed panel vans, when making a right turn the driver often has problems detecting pedestrians or bicyclists who want to cross the street.
He said: "No, it's not (a closed panel), no, we had league games on Wednesday, we were looking at those, we have more league games tomorrow (Sunday).
The vehicle features sharpened creases, closed panel gaps, a modernised exterior, a new lightweight aluminium alloy chassis, high-strength steel, magnesium, and carbon-fibre based composites, leather trim and wood veneers.
The company said this acquisition accelerates the involvement in the off-site manufacturing and closed panel construction market.
"The fumes and the [piled] waste at the waste treatment plant in Sidon will disappear completely within a period not exceeding 10 weeks," Saudi said after a closed panel discussion in the city.
The seminar also includeda closed panel under the theme ' dialogue about the Islamic banking news in Oman 'in which 15 Islamic banking and finance experts and legislators took part to discuss the challenges and available opportunities at the service sector.
I have stood on the side lines quietly observing at various conferences, roundtable dialogues, open as well as closed panel discussions and at social gatherings listening to experts; journalists, academics, diplomats alike talk shop on Cyprus and its political and economic future.
Based in the heart of the West Midlands, LoCaL Homes is a closed panel timber frame manufacturer, which produces high quality homes as a sustainable, environmentally conscious, low carbon alternative to more traditionally built structures.
TransDance promises to surprise and inspire, and features performances, video and audio installations, film, and a closed panel session on "Politics, Policy and Production." After the festival concludes in Cairo, it will travel to Alexandria, Minya, Marseilles, Brussels and New York.
So far, the winners among Welsh Politicians are selected by a closed panel of experts from among the political parties, sponsors and journalists.
After having a closed panel for 2 years, she hired an NP to help her work down the backlog and see more patients.