Cloquet, Jules G.

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Cloquet, Jules G.

Fr. anatomist, 1790–1883.

Cloquet canal

An irregular passage through the center of the vitreous body in the fetus.

Cloquet fascia

Fascia surrounding the femoral ring.

Cloquet hernia

A type of crural hernia.
See: crural hernia
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Jules G., French anatomist, 1790-1883.
Cloquet canal - a minute canal running through the vitreous from the discus nervi optici to the lens. Synonym(s): hyaloid canal
Cloquet canal remnants
Cloquet hernia - a femoral hernia perforating the aponeurosis of the pectineus and insinuating itself between this aponeurosis and the muscle, therefore lying behind the femoral vessels.
Cloquet septum - the delicate fibrous membrane that closes the femoral ring at the base of the femoral canal. Synonym(s): femoral septum
node of Cloquet - one of the deep inguinal lymph nodes located in or adjacent to the femoral canal. Synonym(s): Rosenmüller gland; Rosenmüller node
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