Clinton Plan

A proposal to reform the US health care system which was delineated by President Bill Clinton and crystallised in the American Health Security Act of 1993
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The most intriguing part of the Clinton plan would limit the tax-deductibility of employer-sponsored health insurance for those making more than $250,000 a year.
This is the end condition of the Clinton plan and of the current ``Road Map to Peace.
There also was a widely held belief that the Clinton plan might pay for long-term care, making long-term-care insurance unnecessary.
In fact, before taking the agriculture post, Veneman was a lobbyist for a coalition of off-roaders, now teamed up with Chamber of Commerce types and grazing interests, fighting a Clinton plan to reduce logging and some off-road vehicle access to part of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.
They refuse to surrender control of parts of the Holy City to Palestine, a plank of the Clinton plan.
Mr Tony Blair and President Bill Clinton plan to take questions from Internet users around the globe next month during a transatlantic on-line "town hall meeting.
The final Clinton plan addressed every issue underlying the broad interest in health system reform.
Well, the Clinton plan couldn't even sneak by a Democratic Congress, helping in fact to turn that body Republican.
While Zelman continued on as a key formulator of the Clinton plan, he was not the only leader of the health reform effort.
Both sponsors are legislators of similar importance and could be expected to receive about the same amount of coverage--as opposed to the Clinton plan, which will (for obvious reasons) receive a lot more attention from the major media.
Furthermore, states are not required by the Clinton plan to provide participants with full-time jobs, since to do so would cost vastly more than the current system.
And this cost increase assumes that premiums under the Clinton plan wouldn't exceed our current costs, which is very unlikely.

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