Clinton Plan

A proposal to reform the US health care system which was delineated by President Bill Clinton and crystallised in the American Health Security Act of 1993
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Several higher education associations and scholars expressed concern over the findings of the analysis of the Clinton plan for free college, which calls for the elimination of tuition at public colleges and universities for all in-state students whose families make less than $85,000 per year, and eventually, to those who make $125,000 per year.
The survey results are similar when both plans are presented but the name of the candidate proposing a plan is undisclosed: 70.35 percent in favor of the Clinton plan, compared with 29.65 percent in favor of the Trump plan.
The Clinton plan would provide more than double the benefit to students who already have the academic advantages of enrolling in the more well-funded flagship university.
Former US Presidential rivals Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton plan to campaign together on Friday in the small New Hampshire town of Unity, their first joint appearance meant to ease tensions over the Democratic primary.
For many of the sick, the Clinton plan will mean worse care.
With Hillary now a leading candidate for president and with the media recycling old stories about how Hillary doomed universal health care, Starr decided it was time to set the facts straight about the Clinton Plan of'93, which he does in this groundbreaking behind-the-scenes account.
"The new Clinton plan includes important ideas to make coverage more affordable," says Karen Ignagni, president of America's Health Insurance Plans, Washington.
The most intriguing part of the Clinton plan would limit the tax-deductibility of employer-sponsored health insurance for those making more than $250,000 a year.
The new Clinton Plan also has apparently innocuous provisions calling for "chronic care management programs." It states, "The American Health Choices Plan funds a Best Practices Institute that would work as a partnership between the existing Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and the private sector to fund research on what treatments work best and to help disseminate this information to patients and doctors to increase quality and reduce costs."
Arafat told the Israeli Haaretz newspaper he supported the idea of trading blocks of Palestinian land for areas of Israel, which is in line with Clinton plan. [He] also said that he was prepared to cede claims to the Jewish quarter of the old city of Jerusalem".
There also was a widely held belief that the Clinton plan might pay for long-term care, making long-term-care insurance unnecessary.
Also, while it is indisputably true that the rate of union membership has collapsed in the same period, t he influence of the AFL-CIO was a significant factor in the defeat of the Clinton plan as well as the stifling of a major alternative, Canadian-style single-payer national health insurance.

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