health surveillance

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medical monitoring

The performance of medical tests and physical exams to evaluate an individual’s ongoing exposure to a factor that could negatively impact on that person’s health.

health surveillance

Medical monitoring The periodic screening of a defined population for a specific disease or for biological markers of disease for which the population is, or may be, at significantly ↑ risk. See Screening.
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Wolters Kluwer Health today announced that Baton Rouge General will deploy POC Advisor, leveraging its clinical surveillance and analytics to reduce sepsis mortality and morbidity rates.
It is this reality that spurred development of the first clinical surveillance system in 2001.
US-based clinical surveillance solutions company PeraHealth has appointed Russell Richmond, M.
The patient was treated for symptomatic control of her headache, and, after multidisciplinary discussion, was discharged with follow up as an outpatient in the neurosurgical service for surgical planning and clinical surveillance.
It also considered the capacity of the country to contain transmission at an early stage, based on four main factors: vector control, clinical surveillance, laboratory capacity and emergency risk communications.
Furthermore, the Chicago-based company provides a solution which allows clinical surveillance and improves operational processes, Best Doctors noted.
They are now under clinical surveillance and samples were acquired again from the same camels and also from other camels that had come in contact with them.
We thank the staff of the renal unit, Royal Sick Children's Hospital, Yorkhill, UK, for their ongoing contributions to the clinical surveillance program and also staff at the Scottish E.
1,3) Atypical genital nevi are detected clinically during routine gynecologic examinations, as well as during pregnancy or during clinical surveillance because of a personal or family history of dysplastic nevi or melanoma.
A recent investment in a clinical surveillance tool at the University of Kansas Hospital is another example.
Serologic testing revealed that about one in every three children living in high-risk areas of England was infected with 2009 H1N1 influenza during the first wave of infections--10 times more than estimated based on clinical surveillance.

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