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activity directed toward accomplishing something.
social work the activity of a social worker; work designed to promote the welfare of an individual or group.
social work/counseling in the omaha system, the planning by a social worker or counselor to promote the welfare of individuals or families.

social work

Provision of social services (in fields such as child welfare, criminal justice, hospital-based medicine, or mental health) and the promotion of social welfare by a professionally trained person. Social work often involves advocacy and aid for individuals who are poor, elderly, homeless, unemployed, or discriminated against in society because of gender, race, or other biases.
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One of the strongest critiques waged at clinical social work practice is that it abandoned the social justice mission of social work of working toward conditions of equal opportunity for all individuals to access society's resources (McLaughlin, 2002; Wakefield, 1988a, 1988b).
The usefulness of developmental stage models for clinical social work students: An exploratory study.
Duval, a psychotherapist with the Institute for Clinical Social Work in Chicago, and her colleagues.
In her new book, Carolyn Saari sets out to integrate developmental and clinical social work practice theories to address, as she sees it, shortcomings in current thinking in sufficiently accounting for the influence of the social environment on human functioning.
The National Association of Social Workers has established standards for practice in several areas, including clinical social work, cultural competence, school social work, and case management.
CVT, CST, PhD, is director of clinical social work at Courtland Manor Nursing and Convalescent Home in Dover, DE.
Hosted by the California Society for Clinical Social Work, the conference for clinicians will provide an overview and analysis of process addictions in the 21(st) century
Greg Bellow is affiliated with the Sanville Institute for Clinical Social Work.
Patty Ann holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, a Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work, a Master's Degree in Nursing and she's a Registered Nurse and a board-certified psychotherapist.
That twenty-person advisory board includes members from outside of diocesan operations who are experienced in dealing with victims of child abuse in the areas of mental health, pediatrics and clinical social work as well as court-mandated offender treatment," he said.
Clinical Social Work Practice and Regulation: An Overview.
We maintain that for social work students and practitioners to use 21st-century technology and the burgeoning body of research evidence in their practice, they must become conversant with the retrieval, evaluation, and synthesis of information for problem solving and decision making in their clinical social work practice.

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