hospital information system

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hospital information system

Informatics The computer hardware and software that processes a hospital's data, including financial, Pt-related, and 'strategic' management data, Pt accounts, Pt tracking, payroll, reimbursements, taxes, statistics
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hos·pi·tal in·for·ma·tion sys·tem

(HIS) (hos'pi-tăl in'fōr-mā'shŭn sis'tĕm)
Integrated computer system to store, manipulate, and retrieve clinical, nonclinical, and administrative information in health care organization.
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hospital information system



A large computerized database management system that processes patient data in order to support patient care. The system is used by health care clinicians to access patient data and to plan, implement, and evaluate care.
Synonym: clinical information system; patient information system
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How can the customer information system (aka the clinical information system) be strategically focused for the patient (the S/O > 1 equation)?
When deploying clinical information systems, the best way to minimize pain is through early clinician engagement.
Riverside has worked on interfaces to improve data sharing between the ED and lab, radiology and other information systems, including the Siemens ( Soarian clinical information system. It claims to have achieved a 40-minute decrease in average patient turnaround time and a significant reduction in incomplete patient charts.
This sociotechnical perspective also questions whether detailed modeling of clinical work processes and data flows is the necessary first step for the design of clinical information systems (Berg & Toussaint 2003).
* The unique challenges of the critical care environment present major obstacles in implementing clinical information systems (CIS).
"The integration of these two best of class information systems bridges the gap in the coordination of care between existing clinical information systems and physician offices where efficient management of care has the greatest impact.
This taxonomy distinguishes between a hospital information system and an office information system as being parts of a medical information system, whereby both hospital information systems and office information systems contain an administration system and a clinical information system. This redundancy seems unnecessary and not very intuitive since many functions offered by both contained administration systems are identical.
The studies summarized here have begun to address the impact question, but additional studies are needed of not only hospital library services, but also of the other clinical information system components.
Helse Nord RHF said it sought a clinical information system that would provide an electronic medical record across their network, automating documentation and informing clinical assessment, care planning and treatment.
Three presenters focused on providing the audience with innovative change management strategies at Florida Hospital for their clinical information system (CIS) implementation to engage all levels of the organization.
Since implementing an electronic clinical information system in 1999, Mid Carolina Cardiology based in Charlotte, N.C.
The typical career path of these nurses began when the hospital at which they were employed decided to implement a clinical information system. Recognizing the need for nursing input, a nurse was hired to help during system implementation.

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