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medical coder

A person who assigns numeric codes to represent diagnoses and procedures, describe patient treatment and delineate fees for health services, based on an official classification system (e.g., CPT-4, ICD-9/10, HCPC). MCs are responsible for evaluating documentation to assure correct code selection for compliance with federal regulations and insurance requirements.

Medical coders work in hospitals, insurance companies and physician offices under the supervision of the health information manager or chief fiscal officer; some are self-employed and contract for their services. Their work is used by risk managers, utilisation review, quality assurance, case management, clinical managers, and other healthcare providers.

2-year associate's degree encompassing knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology; working knowledge of HCPC, ICD, and CPT codes.
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Mrs Mackey, a clinical coder at the University Hospital of North Tees, said: "It was the first time that Stephen had played football without his dad watching him so it was quite strange.
Mrs Cope, a clinical coder at Coventry and Warwickshire Hospital, added: "We have also been handed leaflets by the police and that's important in making people aware of how much, if at all, can be safely drunk in order to then drive."
These codes were compared with those assigned by the hospital's Health Information Managers and clinical coder to determine level of agreement and comparative specificity of the two code-sets.
Australian Coding Standards (ACS) apply to every hospital in Australia and provide the clinical coder with guidelines and standards to aid in assigning ICD-10-AM codes to all hospital separations.
There are processes and work practices in place for clinical coder and clinician consensus on %TBSA and other burn variables for ICD-10-AM codes primarily used in hospital financial reporting.
Coder education and the professionalization of the role of the clinical coder. Health Information Management Journal 39(3): 42-46.
The HRID is also responsible for the education of the Irish clinical coder workforce and is the centre for clinical coding expertise in Ireland.
Where does a Clinical Coder from a country town in NSW begin to tell the story of how she became involved in developing a clinic recording system for a floating medical clinic in the Solomon Islands?
Results of the graduate group project one survey were compared with those of the Australian Clinical Coder Workforce survey, conducted in 2002 by the National Centre for Classification in Health (NCCH), which had identified 38 coder positions vacant across Australia and plans to create a further 26 coder positions across Australia.
They were also interested to know about strategies to increase the clinical coder workforce and the effect that the shortage of coders may have had on the results of the audit.
In 1998, when HIMAA offered an opportunity to obtain Australian Accredited Clinical Coder status, I sat the exam and was successful.

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