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Having competently performed the duties of a clinical laboratory technologist in a clinical laboratory that was operated with a license (permit) from the State Department of Health for a period of not less than six months in the three years immediately preceding December 31, 2007, as verified by a director of a clinical laboratory, or
We enhanced our blood bank and microbiology modules to concentrate on three primary areas that impact clinical laboratory technologists and outcomes-patient safety, extended multi-facilities usage and automation," said Debbie Tillman, senior product manager of Misys Laboratory for Misys Healthcare Systems.
Thirteen of the top 20 fastest-growing professions in the United States are in healthcare--and clinical laboratory technologists and technicians are not among those (see Table 1).
Because of the low incidence of disease in industrialized countries, clinical laboratory technologists have become unfamiliar with identifying and handling Brucella species.
Such developments had led California earlier to become the first jurisdiction to require that clinical laboratory technologists (e.
This three-pronged program provided: 1) a free, rapid turnaround confirmation service for positive or equivocal malaria diagnoses from any laboratory in Quebec, 2) a biannual malaria-training course for clinical laboratory technologists, and 3) a voluntary proficiency testing program for Quebec hospital laboratories, in which once or twice a year they are sent unknown positive and negative smears for identification and receive extensive feedback.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 467 accredited programs for medical and clinical laboratory technologists in the United States.
Sometimes the title technologist implies a supervisory role: many clinical laboratory technologists supervise clinical laboratory technicians, for example.

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