Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act Amendments of 1988

Clin·i·cal Lab·o·ra·to·ry Im·prove·ment Act A·mend·ments of 1988

(CLIA '88) (klin'i-kăl lab'ră-tōr-ē im-prūv'mĕnt akt ă-mend'mĕnts)
Amendments enacted by the U.S. Congress in 1988 (Public Law 100-578) to revise and expand the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act of 1967 and Medicare and Medicaid provisions. The amendments classify and regulate laboratories based on the complexity of procedures being performed and establish personnel qualifications. These rules apply to all testing sites, but several procedures and tests have waivers exempting them from these regulations.
See also: Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act of 1967
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