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A regional term for a crack cocaine addict
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and convinced she'll fall over if she ever lets go of pro partner Dan Whiston, the clingon queen of the rink sighs: "I've got this little thing in my head.
Despite being forced to turn down an offer for bad light from umpires Billy Bowden and Rudi Koertzen because of the circumstances of needing to win to clingon to the urn, Australia coach John Buchanan insisted it was a combination of Flintoff's brilliance and determination rather than poor visibility which resulted in the innings' demise.
CLINGON CARL: Acrobatic jockey Carl Llewellyn holds on for victory on Mistanoora
Anthony Stewart extended the Saints lead after 10 minutes when he just managed to clingon to a pass from creator Paul Newlove to sprint clear down the touchline.
Are you not too happy dressing up as Captain Kirk and having Clingons on the starboard bow?
Now you can SEE why those Star Trek guys always seem to be talking about clingons.