climbing fibers

climb·ing fi·bers

nerve fibers in the cerebellar cortex that synapse on smooth branchlets of Purkinje cell dendrites.
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Although direct synapse formation of climbing fibers on molecular layer interneurons has not been demonstrated, it has been reported that climbing fibers influence molecular layer interneurons through spillover of glutamate.
2007) Multiple climbing fibers signal to molecular layer interneurons exclusively via glutamate spillover.
A single climbing fiber forms >300 synapses on a Purkinje cell, and provides powerful excitatory drive.
On the other hand, a climbing fiber codes an error signal reflecting the motor performance failure.
Activation of a climbing fiber induces a complex spike and large [Ca.
Indeed, by inhibitory interneurons like basket and satellite cells associated by dendrites of Golgi cells, it can modify any exciting volley entering through parallel and climbing fibers to Purkinje cells.
This use-dependent change in synaptic efficacy is induced by conjunctive stimulation of parallel and climbing fibers (Crepel et al.
Excitatory and inhibitory populations (parallel/ climbing fibers Vs basket/satellite and Golgi cells) play differently in LTD and RP (Crepel et al.
In many current models of cerebellar function, climbing fibers signal error in motor control (7, 8), and their activity drives learning at the parallel fiber to Purkinje cell synapses in such a way as to reduce that error in a manner not unlike the learning that takes place in cerebellar-like sensory structures.
The Scripps group finds that in normal rats an intoxicating dose of alcohol increases the activity of one major source of input to Purkinje cells, the nerve processes called climbing fibers.
The climbing fibers arise from cells in the area of the brain stem called the inferior olive complex.