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A born climber's appetite for climbing is hard to satisfy; when it comes upon him he is like a starving man with a feast before him; he may have other business on hand, but it must wait.
A famous climber, of that sex, had attempted the Weisshorn a few days before our arrival, and she and her guides had lost their way in a snow-storm high up among the peaks and glaciers and been forced to wander around a good while before they could find a way down.
As Tarzan grew he made more rapid strides, so that by the time he was ten years old he was an excellent climber, and on the ground could do many wonderful things which were beyond the powers of his little brothers and sisters.
And seeing this, the Cabbage- climber took a clod of mud and hurled it at the Mouse, plastering all his forehead and nearly blinding him.
In blood he died as he had lived in blood, for the climber at last falls with the tree, and in the end the swimmer is borne away by the stream.
He might easily have eluded them, for he had seen that the face of the cliff rising above the mouth of the cavern might be scaled by as good a climber as himself.
As a minor point it may be noted," he continued, fingering the rope, "that our wooden-legged friend, though a fair climber, was not a professional sailor.
Yet I admit that there may very well be places where an expert human climber may reach the summit, and yet a cumbrous and heavy animal be unable to descend.
All the young girls gazed at the imprudent climber, and the fear of their coming to her gave her courage; she recovered her equilibrium, and replied, as she balanced herself on the shaking chair:--
The rescue team which was searching for the three Kazakh climbers stranded in the Tien Shan mountains has returned to Almaty.
1 / 3 Climbers raised the national flag at the edge of Mount Rinjani's Segara Anak crater.
The ACP said that climbing on K2 was now being considered done and all K2 climbers had now safely returned to the base camp.