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The study of climate.
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They climbed to 17.5 Celsius degrees on June 26, which was the highest recorded temperature at this time of year since 1951.May vs June"The average monthly temperature in June recorded at all weather stations was the highest in history," SHMaS climatologists claimed, as quoted by TASR.
The climatologists want to use it against those connected to fossil fuel corporations which are arguing that global warming is not the terror it is often portrayed as being.
"It's quite possible even Rick Perry didn't know we had a state climatologist," he told an Austin audience recently, to chuckles.
In the final sentence of her book, Marie says, "I have had a rich and rewarding life." It was indeed, and at the same time it was a life that enriched the lives of many others, especially university students, geographers, and climatologists. She is survived by her daughter, Susan; her sons, Hardie and James; two adopted daughters, Sharon and Joan; and 10 grandchildren.
Climatologists have theorized that a world warming up because of a buildup of greenhouse gases will feature heavier rainstorms in summer, bigger snowstorms in winter, more intense droughts in at least some places, and more record-breaking heat waves.
The scientists at Real Climate, the blog written by some of the world's most prominent climatologists, have described the writings of sceptics such as Monckton as "cuckoo eggs in a nest ...
The research eventually could contribute to a system for predicting the severity of tornado season in the same way meteorologists and climatologists project hurricane season.
Climatologists and their research are presented in a lively narrative packing in facts presented by well-known climatologist author Randy Cerveny, who examines history and climate mysteries around the world.
By the late 1970s, these realizations, along with insights from studies of the cooling effects of aerosols spewed from an Indonesian volcano in 1963, helped climatologists better estimate the balance between greenhouse gas warming and aerosol-induced cooling.
The idea is to get as many rain gauges as possible nailed up in backyards all around the state to help weather forecasters and climatologists map the state's precipitation patterns.
Using data sets from a series of satellites and weather balloons, University of Alabama in Huntsville climatologists John Christy and Roy Spencer have found that the low troposphere has warmed less than the surface.