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The study of climate.
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The "naturalistic fallacy," the principle that one cannot get an "ought" from an "is," implies that climate science qua science cannot tell us what we ought to do.
We have a real chance to strengthen the position of the world's leading source of authoritative climate science.
According to Schneider, the arguments over climate science are not just in the political or media arenas, where pundits argue about whether climate change is or isn't happening.
As a prominent climate science communicator, she is asked to speak at numerous events each year -- ranging from discussions with community groups to taking part in workshops and academic seminars.
He guides his three Advanced Placement classes through the Yale Climate Change website, which features resources on climate science and how to teach it in the classroom.
Climate science models are then applied to assess the geographical exposure to climate hazards.
Shareholders of major corporations can cite the climate science report as a basis for urging CEOs to heed material climate risk.
1: Results from the UC ANR climate science, outreach, and needs survey.
I suggest Doug Shield takes a close look at his sources of opposition to climate science.
As climate change pushes humanity to a pivot point, Davenport offers resiliency tools alongside climate science in order to build internal strength and help find solutions.
Holdren had testified to Congress that on the issue of climate change and severe weather, Pielke's interpretation of the data was "not representative of mainstream views on this topic in the climate science community.
Mind you, this is only my perspective, living in the United States, working on climate science and climate communication on a daily basis.

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