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The study of climate.
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Public opinion surveys show that more Republicans than Democrats characterize themselves as "climate skeptics." These individuals appear less focused on disparaging climate science than in the past, when climate science was less settled.
Positive feedback effects are still uncertain, but if anything the trends in climate science are that they are becoming more worrisome, not less.
The climate center will host up to eight federal scientists as well as post-doctoral fellows who will work with regional land, water, fish and wildlife managers, providing them with the latest tools to adapt their work to the findings of climate science.
Disbelievers often try to defend their position by arguing that climate science is inconclusive because climate models are defective and therefore cannot provide reliable projections of future climate trends -- yet these models are based on the same techniques that academics-come-quants use.
Saudia Arabia told global warming talks on Monday that trust in climate science had been "shaken" by leaked emails and called for an international probe as the head of the United Nation's panel of climate scientists strongly defended findings that humans are warming the planet.
Greenhouse 2007 will present an opportunity for scientists and representatives from industry, government and the community to hear the latest findings in climate science and discuss the implications for Australia and the region.
newspapers, as well as interviews with key actors at the inter face of climate science, policy, media and the public, I looked at how discourse on anthropogenic climate change is framed through the media, thereby affecting public understanding, discourse and action.
The UW consortium uses climate science tools to assess short-term weather and long-term climate change.
'We have people who know nothing about climate science, like Sir David King, your chief scientific adviser, who are alarmist and promote this ridiculous claim.'
Although the survey presented in the book is selective (it would be difficult, if not impossible--given the complexity of the issue--to discuss all aspects in one book) and the chapters vary in detail and scope (e.g., from basic climate science chapters to more technical chapters in the section on energy choices), this book gives readers a better understanding of the nature of global climate change problem in a policy context.
In 1993, climate science had many global warming skeptics, including even Environment Canada's head meteorologist who remained skeptical until 1997.

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