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Clifford, English physician, 1906–.
Kimmelstiel-Wilson disease - Synonym(s): Kimmelstiel-Wilson syndrome
Kimmelstiel-Wilson syndrome - see under Kimmelstiel
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Drug rat Clifford Wilson left a mum and her child penniless after she agreed to take him off the streets.
The failure even to mention, for example, Clifford Wilson's excellent biography of Campbell, entitled Campbell of the Yukon (Toronto, Macmillan of Canada, 1970), is incomprehensible.
Clifford Wilson, 59, lived above the flat in Armadale, West Lothian, where it is alleged David Goodwillie and his ex-Dundee United teammate David Robertson assaulted Denise Clair in January 2011.
Clifford Wilson, who negotiated details of the painting with Arbuckle over the next few months, sent him a number of historical items to assist him in developing the scene.
He takes over from Councillor Clifford Wilson, moving from his current post of vice-chairman.
Yesterday's ceremony was hosted by Councillor Clifford Wilson, the chairman of North Yorkshire County Council.
To mark that occasion 100 years on, the current chairman of North Yorkshire County Council, Clifford Wilson, officially planted a tree in the grounds of County Hall.