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Drug slang A regional term for PCP
Alternative—fringe medicine An exercise in polarity therapy intended to loosen the chest and shoulders, expand the lungs, stretch the vertebral column, and release pelvic tension
Vox populi A moment of extreme—Hollywood-esque—tension
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Since the Season 5 ended on a cliff-hanger, one can expect it return for one final season.
When I say wedding I mean civil partnership and when I say cliff-hanger I mean bailiffs turned the leccy off at the Argy Bargy.
THE final game of the 2005 regular season could prove to be totally meaningless or a real cliff-hanger.
The tug-of-war between light and dark builds to a cliff-hanger finale that brilliantly sets up the next film, Day Watch.
And the former Ibrox star knows what it's like to be involved in a cliff-hanger - he lifted the trophy on the final day of the season in 1991 when Gers pipped Aberdeen to the flag with a 2-0 Ibrox win.
The Dickens novel was very much the soap opera of its day, and we hope to emulate those same cliff-hanger emotions in televisual terms.
EQUESTRIANISM: British-born Helena Weinberg won a cliff-hanger finale to the pounds 55,500 Sony Ericsson World Cup Qualifier at Olympia with a finely-judged round on her nine-year-old stallion Kasting Horses Gavi.
But as 2000 came to a close, the real end-of-the-season cliff-hanger hinged on the rumor that Iwona Blazwick, head of exhibitions and displays at Tate Modern, planned to fly the Bankside nest for a more precarious perch at the Whitechapel Art Gallery.
In-your-face attitudes, cliff-hanger plots, in-house rival groups such as the WCW's New World Order and the sexy sizzle of scantily clad female camp followers have inspired intense devotion from fans, as evidenced by their letters posted on various Web sites:
In previous seasons, we had the so-called cliff-hanger in either episode 10 or 11 and then, Episode 12 is answering that cliff-hanger and then setting up the new season, whereas this one very much leaves us on a big 'Oh, my God,' moment.
The ride will make your heart race, the darkness will make your skin crawl and the sensational cliff-hanger will leave you gasping for more.