The sequence of pages one hits while on the web which is a digital trail that one leaves as one surfs cyberspace
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For example, the same click-stream and purchase order data written to MariaDB TX can be streamed to MariaDB AX where analytics can be used to improve product recommendations.
If click-stream and scrollstream data can be captured on your platform or be A/B testing-enabled, the dark data created can offer feedback about how your audience consumes your contributor's work.
Of the U.S.-based medical products, devices and service companies that participated in a recent study by Evanston, 111.-based global consulting firm ZS, 16 percent outsource business intelligence, 12 percent of those surveyed outsource big data analytics (such as click-stream data and social media), 8 percent outsource marketing analytics (e.g., closed-loop marketing and campaign retum-on-investment analytics), and 4 percent outsource sales analytics.
“Our integration will offer Adobe Analytics customer innovative possibilities to obtain clickstream data and assist marketing professionals who want to perform deeper analysis by combining click-stream data with mobile, media, retail, social and CRM data,” said Thomas Spicer, CEO and Founder for Openbridge.
Data sources, such as Internet click-stream data, mobile phone data, meteorology and genomics, accumulate vast amounts of data.
This type of data tends to require basic parsing and lends itself to "query-time" analysis such as aggregation or more sophisticated analytics such as click-stream analysis or predictive analytics.
How to manage knowledge better to grow revenues and reduce costs through click-stream, demographic and predictive analytics as well as associative recommendations and data management
e-Commerce- Online businesses can analyze large volumes of click-stream data cost effectively resulting in business intelligence.
In addition, through the Aster Data Analytic Foundation, a suite of pre-packaged analytics functions, the company's nCluster Cloud Edition customers have access to advanced analytics such as sequential pattern analysis, which yields deeper behavioural and event analysis for improved click-stream analysis, ad targeting or fraud detection.
Support for new data types makes Vertica well suited for a wider range of industries and applications, such as adding IP address storage which is critical for telecommunications and companies performing web click-stream analysis.
Even more powerful, NetCommerce Analytics, sold as an add-on module, also tracks click-stream data on a user-by-user basis, so sales representatives can see the most recent activity of a client or prospect on a Web site as easily as they can log a phone call.