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A small portable unit for storing and playing digital media, including music, videos, photos, podcasts, etc., produced by Apple since 2001
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The iSkin Duo also features a scratch-resistant clear ViSOR, a Click Wheel protection film, and an attachable docking port insert.
0 cable, earbud headphones, a red Click Wheel and dock insert, is enclosed in black stainless steel and offers up to 14 hours of battery life for music playback.
Tamagotchi: 'Round the World takes full advantage of the iPod's Click Wheel control.
A convenient, user-friendly click wheel and touch buttons make it easy to select and control a desired source in a matter of seconds.
The new Podcast menu is available via a free iPod software update for all Click Wheel iPods and iPod minis from http://www.
We've teamed up with the iPod enthusiasts who run the site to select the best accessories to create an entire iPodWorld for one lucky reader: #Apple iPod 4G Click Wheel - the latest super-slim design iPod boasts an easy-to-use click wheel to navigate your tunes from its huge 20GB hard drive.
Namco Networks, a leading publisher and developer of mobile games and entertainment for mass-market casual gamers, today announced the availability of Star Trigon for iPod click wheel devices, iPod Touch and iPhones.
The new device can hold up to 1,000 CD-quality songs and features a click wheel for one-handed navigation as well as the same interface that is included with the iPod that is already on the market.
It also works with most iPod models, including iPod touch and any iPod featuring a click wheel, including all nano, mini, photo, video and classic models.
NEW also reports that the most common problems with MP3 players include a crashed hard drive, a crashed main board, a cracked LCD screen, a broken click wheel and a dead battery.
iPod nano features an enhanced user interface that shows off album artwork and photos like never before and includes Cover Flow(R), so you can scroll through your entire music collection by album cover artwork using the Click Wheel.
The ice floating speaker case is a portable boom box constructed of a bullet-proof polycarbonate material, which features dual waterproof, full-range neodymium drivers and sealed bass ports, power and volume control buttons, silicone O-ring seal, a clear click wheel membrane that allows full control of the iPod, and a shower strap.