Female Ejaculation

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The expulsion of copious clear fluid by human females from Skene’s (paraurethral) ducts during or before orgasm.
Constituents of female ejaculate Researchers isolated the fluid and found that in contrast to urine, it has higher levels of PAP, PSA and glucose and lower levels of creatinine. That the female ejaculate contains PSA and PAP means that these can no longer be regarded as reliable markers of rape
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Out of contention were Bruce Hanson, Bradford Miller, Michele Hilger Clemen, Nancy Turner, Joseph McElroy, Whitney Robbins and Barbara O'Meara.
Beside the caloric source it also provides minerals, fibers, thiamine, folate, and phytochemicals with neuro-protective and analgesic properties while anti nutrients like phytic acid and polyphenols were targeted to improve its nutritional and health related aspects (Jha et al., 2015; Clemen, 2014; Petry et al., 2015).
Cai Clemen Christensen, Palsgaard's director of sales for the Middle East, says: 'We're excited about the bright prospects for our ingredients in the Middle East.
By drawing from a variety of techniques and methods, these consensus forecasts can be more accurate than any particular professional forecast (Clemen 1989).
O processo decisorio pode ser estruturado pela adocao de distintas etapas, tais como framing, definicao de objetivos, geracao de alternativas, analise de incertezas e trade-offs, avaliacao das alternativas e compromisso para a acao (Clemen, 1995; Hammond e outros, 2004).
Two of the five independent directors have resigned, including the lead independent director Bill Clemen. DTEA is in breach of the NASDAQ listing requirements, having an insufficient number of Independent Directors on its Audit Committee - NASDAQ has warned that DTEA will be delisted unless the breach is cured.
Clemen Cadpa is the grand winner of the Payless Xtra Big Doble Dami Doble Sarap Promo, a proof-of-purchase promo presented by Payless Pancit Canton in partnership with Radio GMA (RGMA) through its FM stations Barangay LS 97.1 (Mega Manila), Barangay FM 92.7 (Baguio), and Barangay FM 89.3 (Tuguegarao).
A combinacao de previsao e uma abordagem atrativa dentre as opcoes, pois a combinacao de metodos pode prover uma melhor acuracia visto que cada tecnica captura algum tipo de informacao que influencia na previsao realizada (Clemen, 1989; Martins & Werner, 2012)
Decision trees are commonly used in risk and decision analysis to identify optimal dynamic strategies in the presence of uncertainties (Clemen and Reilly, 1999; Sherali, Dalkiran, and Glickman, 2011; Wang and Dyer, 2012).
[9.] Clemen, R.T., Making Hard Decisions: An Introduction to Decision Analysis.
Considerando otra metodologia, como los Diagramas de Influencia (Clemen, 1996), se puede afirmar que el modelaje mental de sistemas dinamicos es normalmente dificil de ser definido o limitado, y la imagen mental elaborada a partir de las informaciones del consumidor, puede ser difusa e imprecisa en consecuencia de la tendencia general de fragmentar el sistema y tratar de solucionarlo separadamente.