Female Ejaculation

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The expulsion of copious clear fluid by human females from Skene’s (paraurethral) ducts during or before orgasm.
Constituents of female ejaculate Researchers isolated the fluid and found that in contrast to urine, it has higher levels of PAP, PSA and glucose and lower levels of creatinine. That the female ejaculate contains PSA and PAP means that these can no longer be regarded as reliable markers of rape
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Clemen and Winkler (1995) presented a method for the estimation of the value of information using data from depended experts.
Josephine Clemen, Catanduanes crime laboratory officer-in-charge, said the machines that have not been installed indicated that the drug lab is being upgraded.
Clemen (1996) identificou quatro fontes de dificuldade na tomada de decisao: a) complexidade da situacao da decisao: (a) diversidade e quantidade de questoes/assuntos, fontes de dados, partes interessadas e/ou possibilidades de resultado/solucao; b) incerteza com relacao aos dados, eventos e/ou resultados futuros; c) existencia de objetivos concorrentes; d) perspectivas variadas de solucao.
His summary of Barge's training and career rests in part on Barge's unpublished correspondence with his brother-in-law, the noted Reformation historian Otto Clemen, while his discussion of current scholarship draws on the correspondence of Bubenheimer, who is also associated with the Karlstadt edition.
12) See, inter alia, Clemen (1989), Diebold and Lopez (1996), and Timmermann (2006).
Segundo o que se depreende dos trabalhos de Cooper et alli (1997, 1998), Clemen e Reilly (2001) e Sharpe e Keelin (1998), dentre os metodos financeiros, a metodologia Expected Commercial Value (ECV) tem sido bastante utilizada para a avaliacao de intangiveis de P&D.
Al Nabooda Racing's Clemen Schmid ended Season 6 of the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Middle East at the Bahrain International Circuit on a high by securing his second drivers' championship by a margin of 10 points.
Overcoming Challenges: Vancouver's Sex Worker Movement" (Arthur, Davis, and Shannon, chapter 9) outlines the struggle for political recognition and traces the resistance put forth by prohibitionist groups that have sought to delegitimize the sex worker "laborer identity" (see also Crago and Clemen, chapter 10).
14) Wolfgang Clemen calls Lodge's drama the "earliest Roman play in English literature.
Critics have focused on the obvious similarities and differences in their handling of the dramatic medium, Wolfgang Clemen, Wilbur Sanders, Robert Logan, Lisa Hopkins, and M.
Segundo Clemen e Reilly (2001), os fatores que tornam as decisoes dificeis sao: (i) complexidade das decisoes; (ii) incerteza embutida nas situacoes; (iii) decisor possivelmente interessado em alcancar diversos objetivos, ainda que o progresso em determinada direcao impeca o progresso em outras direcoes; e (iv) dificuldade de resolucao de um problema dificil se perspectivas diferentes levarem a diferentes conclusoes.