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A company providing billing services for providers and insurance companies.
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Clearinghouses have become a standard response to the failure of troubled financial institutions in 2008.
regulated clearinghouses; for these products, the clearinghouses will
To reduce the risk of runs in derivatives markets, regulators around the world are poised to require that derivatives trades be carried out through clearinghouses or exchanges.
Will your system allow direct transmission to payers, or will the services of a clearinghouse be required?
The three clearinghouses are: the National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse, the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse and the National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse.
It is intended to assist health plans, providers, and clearinghouses to establish appropriate safeguards for assuring the integrity and confidentiality of this information.
While some individuals may wish to call these clearinghouses directly, others may not know exactly what information they need or how to obtain it.
Adding to the confusion of government parceling of information is the creation of new information centers and clearinghouses by private industry.
Across product groups, separate clearinghouses and depositories have been created for corporate and municipal securities, U.
These entities include, but are not limited to, clearinghouses, transactions processors, value-added networks (VANs), payers, providers and provider management organizations.
For futures contracts on the Standard & Poor's index of 500 stocks (S&P 500) and on the New York Stock Exchange Composite (NYSE) index, the pre-crash margin requirement on existing positions (maintenance margin) provided clearinghouses a lower level of protection against price moves than that provided in the stock (cash) market.
Lee Barrett, executive director of EHNAC, said, "Per-Se is one of a select group of medical transaction clearinghouses that has demonstrated to independent third-party evaluators its ability to deliver services consistent with the only standards in the industry that measure the overall business practices of a clearinghouse.

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