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Medspeak A mixture of medicines; generally the term cocktail is preferred
Nutrition A liquid mixture of various comestibles, usually served hot
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Rationing had not yet reached the White House and the festive fare included oysters, clear soup bid to country with sherry, roast turkey with chestnut dressing and cranberry jelly and a dessert of plum pudding, ice cream, salted nuts, bonbons and coffee.
The starter is clear soup. Well it's actually water ...
However, the highlight of the menu will remain freshly rolled out pastas, and delicacies such as Zuppa di Mare, Roman style tomato and garlic infused spicy mix seafood soup, Zuppa di Polpette di Pollo, signature Pinwheel pasta with chicken clear soup along with handmade pasta option such as Gnocchi di Pomodoro al Forno, amongst others.
I started off with the Mushroom Chicken Clear Soup which was an almost clear, brown, punchy broth with chicken chunks, mushroom, cabbage and garlic.
"When it comes to the meal itself, people should start with a soup, a clear soup not the heavy, creamy kind.
When cooking chicken soup, Tagalogs love the tinola, a clear soup. But Cebuanos prefer the chicken halang halang with coconut milk, made spicy with siling labuyo (bird's eye chili).
TOM YAM SOUP A clear soup made with a broth of fragrant herbs and lots of chilies (yes, it's a hot one!)
Our six-year-old daughter and four-year-old son have tried new foods, eventually discovering a liking for clear soup with noodles (seemingly a favourite here).
There are large variety of soups available in the market such as vegetable, clear soup, chicken, fish, tomato, and mushroom.
Savour it as a vegetable stock or clear soup," says Dr Mukerjee.
Chef Takagi has a reputation for creating elegant and delicate cuisine, including starting bowls of clear soup made from zestful stock, seasonal fish dishes and the traditional dining ceremony's finishing round - powdered matcha tea.
The range of soups, ideal for the monsoon months, include Tom jued kai (chicken dumpling clear soup, celery and spring onion); and Kaeng jued koong manao (clear prawn soup with lime and coriander.