Clear Cell Tumour

A benign or malignant neoplasm composed of clear cells that may be of any embryologic (endo-, ecto-, meso-) or neuroectodermal origin; the cytoplasmic clearing may be real—lipid, mucopolysaccharide and mucosubstance—or artifactual, due to post-fixation shrinkage of cytoplasmic content away from an intact and more rigid cell membrane
Examples, clear cell tumours Balloon cell melanoma, signet ring cell carcinomas, renal cell, adrenal, ovary, parathyroid and thyroid carcinomas, clear cell tumours of tendons & aponeuroses, germ cell tumours—e.g., seminomas, dysgerminoma—histiocytosis X, lymphoma—B- and T- clear cell lymphomas—myeloma, clear cell type, myxoid lesions—benign and malignant—paraganglioma, and xanthoma. See Clear cell carcinoma
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Histologically, both ovaries consisted of a clear cell tumour arranged in a solid, alveolar, microcystic and macrocystic pattern and showed a prominent vascular network (Fig.
Our sub-analysis of the 544 clear cell tumours showed results similar to those of the larger cohort, with a tendency toward increased recurrence in patients who used metformin (HR, 1.

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