Mud Therapy

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Therapeutic use of certain earths which allegedly contain trace elements missing from the modern diet
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Within the field of art therapy, the clay therapy can be highlighted, which is defined as the use of clay in the psychotherapeutic process in order to promote the release of emotions, and may lead the patients to feel pleasure in the act itself, as well as have control over their feelings through their hands.
(10) Given this context, the present study is aimed at understanding the significance of clay therapy for psychiatric patients admitted in a day hospital through the expression of their statements and feelings.
After the authorization of the institution, the selection of participants was carried out according to the following inclusion criteria: to regularly attend the institution, to have participated in at least seven clay therapy sessions, to have an appropriate diagnosis for the practice of this therapy such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, as well as anxiety and psychosis disorder, to voluntarily accept to participate in this activity and not to present speech problems or to be under the effect of drugs that could interfere with their understanding of the issues addressed in the interview.
Featuring a soft, washable cloth cover and a handy velcro strap, the company manufactures a full line of ThermiPaq Clay Therapy products across three natural pain treatment therapy applications: Heat Therapy, Moist Heat Therapy and Cold Compression Therapy.
"There's hope in green clay therapy, but it's a new product and we need diplomacy to approach it gradually."
"So far, we have discovered that green clay therapy is efficient.
Topics of the 13 chapters include the effectiveness of Theraplay, tools for Mexican-American families, discovery with clay therapy, and coping with international disaster.
So far, only Asian researchers have wrangled permission to test this clay therapy in open waters--and then almost exclusively to protect pens of high-value farmed fish.
AN ASIAN RECIPE Japanese scientists originated the clay therapy. The idea behind it: Find something heavy that sticks to the algae and weighs them down like microanchors.
Future tests may further define the economics of clay therapy, but the tests are, in part, at the mercy of nature, Anderson notes.
And next year the company plans to enter adjacent categories with new products that build on its original clay therapy patents.