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J., 20th-century Danish biochemist. See: Dyggve-Melchior-Clausen syndrome.
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Clausen," she said, at the same time, by some transforming alchemy of woman, presenting to the newcomer eyes that showed no hint of moistness.
Clausen accompanied them to the elevator, all smiles, patronage, and beneficence, while the clerks turned their heads to follow Joe's retreating figure.
Clausen asked anxiously, as they waited at the shaft.
Lund and Clausen in the caves of Brazil, are highly interesting facts with respect to the geographical distribution of animals.
Eike Clausen, hotel manager of the Kempinski Hotel Aqaba Red Sea since March 2018, has now been promoted to the role of general manager at the leading luxury hotel.
Kempinski Hotel Aqaba Red Sea has promoted Eike Clausen as the property's general manager.
"From SBA to commercial real estate, he has a firm grasp on what it takes to help is clients and he should do a great job," said Patricia Clausen, president and CEO.
Clausen, an author and horticulture editor, and Christopher, a garden designer and author, provide recipes for creating a garden using step-by-step instructions and incorporating plants from the Proven Winners brand that produce the most attractive flowers and foliage and are reliable and durable, disease-free, the best at coping with stresses, and easy to grow.
The ECHO understands that Inge Jarl Clausen has been working at Finch Farm over the course of the past week to aid the recuperation and performance of certain squad members.
Also, until Wendelboe joins the executive management board, senior director, finance & SDO, Marlene Richter Christensen, will head the finance team with reference to CEO Henrik Clausen.
Name: Greg Clausen Title: Senator, District 57 Education: B.A., Augsburg College, social sciences; M.A., education curriculum and instruction; Ed.S., education administration, University of St.