Claudius fossa

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o·var·i·an fos·sa

a depression in the parietal peritoneum of the pelvis; it is bounded in front by the occluded part of the umbilical artery, and behind by the ureter and the uterine vessels; it lodges the ovary.
Synonym(s): fossa ovarica [TA], Claudius fossa
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Claudius fossa

A small depression on either side of the posterior part of the pelvis; each contains an ovary.
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Friedrich M., German anatomist, 1822-1869.
Claudius cells - columnar cells on the floor of the ductus cochlearis external to the organ of Corti.
Claudius fossa - a depression in the parietal peritoneum of the pelvis that lodges the ovary. Synonym(s): ovarian fossa
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