Clark-Collip method

Clark-Collip method

An obsolete method for measuring serum calcium in which the calcium is first precipitated as calcium oxalate, converted to oxalic acid with sulfuric acid, and then measured by titration against potassium permanganate. While the Clark-Collip method is accurate, it is cumbersome and time consuming; it has been replaced by atomic absorption spectrophotometry, fluorometry and photometry.
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Earl Perry, U.S. biochemist, 1892–.
Clark-Collip method - method for detecting calcium and urea in serum and blood.


James B., Canadian endocrinologist, 1892-1965.
Anderson-Collip test - see under Anderson, Evelyn
Clark-Collip method - see under Clark, Earl Perry
Collip unit - dosage of parathyroid extract.
Noble-Collip procedure - see under Noble, Robert L
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We never returned to the Clark-Collip method. For every procedure tested, we tried to reduce the serum or plasma volume needed.