Clarion cochlear implant

Clarion® cochlear implant

Audiology An implant which bypasses ear damage, sending electric signals directly to the auditory nerve, interpreted by the brain as sounds. See Hearing aid.
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Founded in 1993, Advanced Bionics generates most of its income manufacturing and distributing the Clarion cochlear implant sound stimulator to treat deafness.
Distribution of the new CLARION(R) CII BTE(TM), which is the gateway to full sound with the CLARION CII Bionic Ear System, and the CLARION Platinum BTE(TM), which is the backward compatible ear-level processor for CLARION Cochlear Implant models, begins August 16, 2001.
The new CLARION CII BTE was a technological Mount Everest," said Douglas Lynch, Director of Corporate Marketing and a first-generation CLARION Cochlear Implant user.
The HiFocus Electrode, part of the Clarion cochlear implant system manufactured by Sylmar, California-based Advanced Bionics Corp.
The CLARION cochlear implant system by Advanced Bionics Corporation, Sylmar, CA, includes a cochlear stimulator/receiver that is surgically implanted under the skin behind the ear.
Founded in 1993, the company makes its money by manufacturing and distributing the Clarion cochlear implant to treat deafness.
Vener's right ear is the Clarion Cochlear Implant with HiFocus Electrode and Positioner.
The HiFocus Electrode is a critical component of the CLARION cochlear implant system and is responsible for delivering sound information in the form of electrical current to the deafened ear.
Food and Drug Administration to sell its Clarion cochlear implant to adults who have lost their hearing - estimated to number 2 million.
Advanced Bionics will use the 'C5402 in its Clarion cochlear implant, which enables profoundly deaf adults and children to hear by delivering electrical "sound" impulses to the auditory nerve.
The CLARION cochlear implant gives profoundly deaf adults the chance to hear again," said Jeff Greiner, President and Chief Operating Officer of Advanced Bionics Corp.