Crafoord, Clarence

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Clarence, Swedish surgeon, 1899–.
Crafoord aortic clamp
Crafoord bronchial forceps
Crafoord clamp - a clamp used in heart, lung, and vascular operations.
Crafoord coarctation clamp
Crafoord coarctation forceps
Crafoord forceps
Crafoord hemostat
Crafoord lobectomy scissors
Crafoord operation
Crafoord pulmonary forceps
Crafoord thoracic scissors
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His original design was hampered by the patient's own respiratory efforts, but further work with the cardiac surgeon Clarence Crafoord, and an engineer from AGA, Emil Anderson led to an improved machine, one that combined anaesthetic apparatus with an automatic ventilator.
Clarence Crafoord: a giant in cardiothoracic surgery, the first to repair aortic coarctation.
The first successful surgical resection of cardiac myxomas was performed by Clarence Crafoord in Stockholm on July 16, 1954 (2).
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