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Max, Austrian anatomist, 1899-1966. See: Clara cell.
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Van to lead the way, and for once in my life I have adopted a new fashion before Clara. My freedom suit is ordered, and you may see me playing tag with Rose and the boys before long," answered Mrs.
Aunt Clara sighed; Uncle Alec smiled, and said heartily
Clara by suggesting dreadful possibilities, so he answered, half in earnest, half in jest, "Physiology, Rose.
"You would not have a young lady use her pocket-handkerchief like a snuffy old nurse, Clara?"
To this Clara made no objection, though she still looked disapprobation of her purchase.
Whimple and Clara were seated at work, I said nothing of my own interest in Mr.
Herbert had sometimes said to me that he found it pleasant to stand at one of our windows after dark, when the tide was running down, and to think that it was flowing, with everything it bore, towards Clara. But I thought with dread that it was flowing towards Magwitch, and that any black mark on its surface might be his pursuers, going swiftly, silently, and surely, to take him.
'Clara!' said Miss Murdstone, in her warning voice.
'Why, Jane, we can hardly expect Clara to bear, with perfect firmness, the worry and torment that David has occasioned her today.
Miss Murdstone said, 'Clara! are you a perfect fool?' and interfered.
"Ah, senora," said Dona Clara, "what end can be hoped for when his father is of such lofty position, and so wealthy, that he would think I was not fit to be even a servant to his son, much less wife?
Dorothea could not help laughing to hear how like a child Dona Clara spoke.