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Max, Austrian anatomist, 1899-1966. See: Clara cell.

Maass, Clara

Etymology: 1876-1901
an American nurse who volunteered for military service at the outbreak of the Spanish-American War, after training and working at the Newark German Hospital, which has since been renamed for her. She worked at army camps where soldiers were dying of yellow fever and then volunteered to go to Havana to participate in experiments to determine the cause of that disease. She was bitten by a mosquito and died 10 days later of yellow fever. She was one of the first nurses to be inducted into the Hall of Fame of the American Nurses Association.

Barton, Clara

(1821-1912), an American philanthropist, humanitarian, and founder of the American National Red Cross. During the U.S. Civil War, she was a volunteer nurse, often on the battlefield, and at its end she organized a bureau of records to help in the search for missing men. When the Franco-Prussian War erupted, she assisted in the organization of military hospitals in Europe in association with the International Red Cross. This experience led to her advocacy of the establishment of an American Red Cross organization, of which she became the first president.