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keraunophobia, tonitrophobia, brontophobia.
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Mr Hickford, 42, also of Elsdon Street, described how a ball of bright light the size of a football suddenly appeared in his living room just seconds before a deafening clap of thunder.
I could've told you about the palpable tension between pothole-mouthed northern working-class and floppy-fringed southern aristocracy, the groom's sensationally radioactive mantle of fake tan, the clap of thunder during the vow-taking, the opera singer who took the roof off the medieval hall with Nessun Dorma, the girl with the most kissable lips on earth, the things that the two (yes, two) best men absolutely shouldn't have said in front of a Gieldgud-esque father of the bride, and the startled deer that froze in front of the taxi's headlights like, er, a startled deer frozen in front of the headlights.
There was a clap of thunder as the gates opened, that truly electric burst of speed, and Pat took Zafonic one, two, three lengths clear.
I thought it was a clap of thunder but it was obviously the explosion of the engine.
He was up on the scaffolding and had almost finished when the there was a tremendous clap of thunder and the sky opened and the rain poured down and washed the thinned paint from off the church.
Arruti was stood on the first tee when the first clap of thunder and fork of lightning caught the tour officials by surprise.
The horrific commotion is coming from the TV screen - a graphic on the Green Bay Packers' success rate inside the red zone has just landed with a clap of thunder and a mind-numbing thud that more than suggests to the home viewer, ``Hey, this is important stuff, so please pay attention.
There was a huge clap of thunder and then everything went off.
uk news, sport One said: "I heard a big bang - like a clap of thunder so I thought it was just that.
Mid-Wales police were alerted and, as they were on their way, the power station attendant preparing tea amid the roar of engines, heard another noise 'like a clap of thunder.
As soon as I got him back, a clap of thunder made a Dubai Millennium colt spook and run into him and kick him in the same place
Arruti was standing on the first tee when the first clap of thunder caught officials by surprise,but returned nearly four hours later to card eight birdies and two bogeys in his 66.