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keraunophobia, tonitrophobia, brontophobia.
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"I think most men would have done as I did, at so heavy and so sudden a clap of thunder, and so very near too," said Charles, striving to conceal the uneasiness he felt.
I will make the journey on purpose to see him, if it is worth while.' At this moment there was a tremendous clap of thunder, accompanied by a flash of lightning so vivid, that it quite eclipsed the light of the lamp.
"At the same moment, and in the midst of the terrifying silence which usually follows a clap of thunder, they heard a knocking at the door.
The smooth-worn pavement, dusty with footsteps, still called upon the lofty walls to reiterate the shuffle and the tread of feet unceasingly, save when the closing of some heavy door resounded through the building like a clap of thunder, and drowned all other noises in its rolling sound.
I fell on her like a clap of thunder. 'You old wretch!' I yelled and all that sort of thing, in real Russian style.
It's only that young Russian from the third floor." The darkness returned with a single clap of thunder, like a gun fired for a warning of his escape from the prison of lies.
This sudden horrible rupture affected him like a clap of thunder; it was like a hideous joke, an absurdity.
The deep interest taken in this conversation by the company had made them unconscious of the uproar abroad among the elements, when suddenly they were electrified by a tremendous clap of thunder. A lumbering crash followed instantaneously, shaking the building to its very foundation.
At the same time it happened, after I had laid my scheme for the setting up my tent, and making the cave, that a storm of rain falling from a thick, dark cloud, a sudden flash of lightning happened, and after that a great clap of thunder, as is naturally the effect of it.
already had been taken into the clubhouse before lightning hit, and before long East Lake was hit with a ground-shaking clap of thunder.
That shockwave creates the rumbling clap of thunder. Thunder lasts longer than lightning because sound takes longer to travel than light.
Noise from fireworks can reach 155 decibels, a jet plane taking off is 150 decibels, shooting a gun is 140-175 decibels, depending on the gun, and a clap of thunder can be 120 decibels.