Cladosporium carrionii

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Clad·o·spo·ri·um car·rion·'i·i

a species of fungi that is a cause of chromoblastomycosis in humans.

Cladosporium carrionii

Cladophialophora ajelloi Infectious disease The dematiaceous aeroallergenic fungal agent of chromoblastomycosis. See Chromoblastomycosis.


a genus of dematiaceous fungi.

Cladosporium carrionii
see Cladophialophoracarrionii.
Cladosporium herbarum,
causes black spot on meat in cold storage, growing at a temperature of 18°F (−8°C); spores are a common allergen.
Cladosporium trichoides
see Cladophialophorabantiana.
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14] Cladosporium carrionii seems to respond more rapidly to terbinafine and itraconazole.
Cromomicosis por Cladosporium carrionii en criadores de caprinos del estado Falcon.