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Rogerio Bertani: Instituto Butantan, Avenida Vital Brazil, 1500, CEP 05422-910, Sao Paulo, Brazil Table 1.--Data matrix showing the distribution of character states used in the cladistic analysis. (?
The results of the cladistic analysis indicates that the nine species fall into two primary clades, with one clade containing only fish-lake species and the other clade containing both fish- and dragonfly-lake species (see below).
A species-level cladistic analysis of these three genera is presented in Barneby and Grimes (1996), with Abarema the most derived of the three genera.
Hart's (1987) cladistic analysis shows this family as a sister group with the Taxaceae in his shortest trees.
Generic classification of the family Pipumculidae (Diptera): a cladistic analysis. Journal of Natural History 26:637-658.
Selected wood anatomical characters defined for cladistic analysis
In the final analysis, characters were reweighted as a function of their goodness of fit, as determined by the consistency index (CI), to the shortest trees found in a cladistic analysis of unweighted characters (Farris 1969; Carpenter 1988).
Systematic review and cladistic analysis of the genus Eusarcus Perty 1833 (Arachnida, Opiliones, Gonyleptidae).
Within the Heterostraci only the Pteraspididae have been subjected to a cladistic analysis (Pernegre & Elliott 2008) until an analysis of the Cyathaspididae was published by Lundgren & Blom (2013).
Cladistic analysis was carried out using parsimony criteria using TNT ver.1.0 (Goloboff et al., 2005).