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De un total de 5 presentaciones orales realizadas, seleccionadas al azar y a las que se asistio durante la realizacion del 18th Congress of International Federation of Associations of Anatomists (Li Y & Zhou, 2014), se encontro que en todas (100 %) se usaron eponimos, estos fueron: Area de Broca, area de Wernicke, ligamento de Hyrtl, ligamento de Civinini, triangulo de Traumant, celulas deSchwann, ligamento de Barkows y plexo de Cruveilhier.
The pterygospinous ligament, described by Civinini in 1835 (cited by Tebo [4]), is directed from the spine of sphenoid to the pterygospinous process, when ossified, establishing the pterygospinous foramen, also known as Civinini foramen.
Innocenti M, Civinini R, Carulli C, Matassi F, Villano M 2010 The 5-year results of an oxidized zirconium femoral component for TKA Clinical Orthopaedic Related Research 468 1258-1263
He is predeceased by 3 brothers (Orrin, Charles, and George Davis) and 7 sisters (Frances Wine, Helen Stevenson , Grace Civinini, Susan Estella Ray, Eleanor Maher, Florence Canon, and Marjorie Stoico).
She lays out the argument's place in the current state of knowledge about the opera, emphasizing especially the reinstatement of Zangarini as its principal librettist, reclaiming the place frequently credited to Guelfo Civinini, who finished up the work in its last stages.
Puccini and his librettists, Carlo Zangarini and Guelfo Civinini, however, cleaned up (to a degree) Belasco's racist stereotypes (see the Samuel French edition, New York, 1915), now erased from modern editions of the play (see, for example, Daniel Gerould, American Melodrama (New York, 1983): Jake Wallace, 'carrying a banjo, his face blackened' (in the opera, 'a travelling camp minstrel'); Castro, a 'tricky and shifty-eyed oily, greasy, unwashed Mexican greaser of a low type' (in the opera, 'a greaser from Ramerrez's gang'); Billy Jackrabbit, 'shifty, lazy, lying, and toes-in...