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The Roman civil-law tradition, in contrast, is embodied in written codes, adopted and, if necessary, modified by legislatures, to which judges (ideally) are bound.
at 10 ("To the casual observer, the private law sphere may, in many mixed jurisdictions, have the outward appearance of a 'pure' civil-law system.
The civil-law systems of the countries of continental Europe are
Florida Bar members now have the ability to add "Florida civil-law notary" and three "National Board of Legal Specialty Certification/National Board of Trial Advocacy" certifications to their profiles on The Florida Bar's website.
See in particular: Robert Kennedy, "McGrath, Maida and Michiels: Introduction to a Study of the Canonical and Civil-Law Status of Church-Related Institutions in the United States," The Jurist 50 (1990) 351-401.

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