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ci·vil law

(si'vĭl lah)
The branch of legislation dealing with the rights and duties of citizens rather than with criminal acts.
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The California Supreme Court says most civil proceedings should be open.
This clause is meant to cut costs and simplify matters, although it would not apply if the case was transformed into a regular civil proceeding. The Member States would inform the Commission by July 1, 2005 which courts have jurisdiction to issue a European order for payment.
Summary: Veselnitskaya obstructed civil proceedings, says indictment
Valdez had also complained that the criminal and civil proceedings in Hong Kong related to ousted chair Kazuo Okada's bid to regain control of the Philippine unit were not disclosed when the tender offer for shares of ABG was filed.
In Cheney v Spooner (1929) 41 CLR 532 ('Cheney'), the High Court of Australia held that a public examination by a liquidator was a "civil proceeding" within the meaning of section 16(1) of the Service and Execution of Process Act 1901 (Cth).
The European Court of Justice has held that EU law does not require the disclosure of personal data in a civil proceeding regarding copyright in a Member State.
Code [section] 962, "Where two or more clients have retained or consulted a lawyer upon a matter of common interest, none of them, nor the successor in interest of any of them, may claim a privilege under this article as to a communication made in the course of that relationship when such communication is offered in a civil proceeding between one of such clients ...
In a normal criminal proceeding, a defendant enjoys a "presumption of innocence" that can be overcome only by evidence proving guilt "beyond a reasonable doubt." In a civil proceeding, the side that produces a "preponderance of the evidence," showing that its story is more likely than not to be true, wins.
Employees such as you who work for private employers are protected under ORS 659A.230 from discrimination or retaliation when they in good faith report criminal activity to the police, cooperate with a criminal investigation, bring a civil proceeding against an employer, or testify at a civil proceeding or criminal trial.
4673) ensures that information voluntarily submitted to MedMARX may not be subject to subpoena or discovery in any civil proceeding, explains a spokesman for Rep.
After the civil proceedings conclude, it seems to depend on whether or not cabinet believes there is any information still to come out that Ontarians are "entitled to hear."

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