Civatte bodies

Ci·vat·te bod·ies

eosinophilic hyaline spheric bodies seen in the epidermis, in lichen planus and other skin disorders; formed by apoptosis of individual basal cells.
Synonym(s): colloid bodies


Achille, French dermatologist, 1877-1956.
Civatte bodies - eosinophilic hyaline spherical bodies seen in or just beneath the epidermis, particularly in lichen planus, formed by necrosis of individual basal cells. Synonym(s): colloid bodies
Civatte disease - Synonym(s): poikiloderma of Civatte
poikiloderma of Civatte - reticulated pigmentation and telangiectasia of the sides of the cheeks and neck; common in middle-aged women. Synonym(s): Civatte disease
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Lichen planus--Generalised with Koebner's phenomenon, histopathology showing basal degeneration and civatte bodies.
In epidermis out of 50 cases, Parakeratosis was seen in 2 cases, Hyperkeratosis in 45 cases, Acanthosis in 42 cases, Spongiosis in 40 cases, Papillomatosis in 10 cases, Saw-toothed rete ridges in 20 cases, Civatte bodies in 46 cases, Liquefactive degeneration of basal layer in 48 cases, and Max-Joseph's space was seen in 6 cases.
Microscopically, the specimen exhibited ortho- keratosis with prominent granular layer, intense band-like lymphohistiocytic infiltrate with plasma cell predominance and hydropic degeneration of basal cell layer with scattered Civatte bodies.
of Cases 1 Atrophy 14 2 Hyperkeratosis 47 3 Parakeratosis 11 4 Hypergranulosis 43 5 Acanthosis 40 6 Spongiosis 6 7 Papillomatosis 2 8 Elongated rete ridges (saw tooth) 4 9 Loss of rete ridges 2 10 Civatte bodies 17 11 Vacuolar basal cell degeneration 49 12 Max joseph space 2 13 Basement membrane thickening 2 14 Follicular plugging 5 Table 5: Dermal histopathological changes Sl.