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city in Pennsylvania.
Philadelphia chromosome - an abnormal minute chromosome formed by a rearrangement of chromosomes 9 and 22.
Philadelphia cocktail - Synonym(s): Rivers cocktail
Philadelphia collar - head and neck orthosis.
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So to recap: As Brady prepares to play in his eighth Super Bowl, and hopes to win his sixth, he has eliminated the challenge of taking on Rocky and the entire city of Philadelphia so he can focus on the Eagles; found a Zen-like balance in his life and entrusted his family to allow him to focus on the challenge at hand for now; and put aside any concerns about whether he will have one of the greatest tight ends in the history of the game to get him over the hump.
The company expects all installations for the City of Philadelphia to be completed during the month of August this year.
A ten-year contract to provide wireless Internet service across the US city of Philadelphia has been finalised by EarthLink Inc, an Internet service provider.
First, we are in the city of Philadelphia, a locale that has hosted many of our past conventions and is, to many, including myself, the center of freedom in this country.
Global provided the City of Philadelphia with the test reports, evaluations and inspections for the ten reinstalled booms on 14 October 2005 to comply with its Service Agreement with the City of Philadelphia.
In fact, the short West Philadelphia street dominated by this building was re-named Philadanco Way by the City of Philadelphia in 1995.
As part of the agreement, the City of Philadelphia, which owns and operates PHL, will acquire 30 US Airways' airbridges for $6 million and US Airways will lease them back.
In early 2004 The College hired a full-time content manager, who provided the necessary person power to expand Philly Health Info's geographic coverage to include the entire city of Philadelphia. In addition to pointing to regional resources and services Web sites, PHI works hard to identify and enter regional resources and services, support groups, agencies, and health-related events that do not have a Web presence.
"The addition of open space in the City of Philadelphia will enable us to expand the role of passive recreation," said Recreation Commissioner Victor Richard, a key partner in the program.
SETTLED: A federal lawsuit filed by the mother of slain transsexual entertainer Nizah Morris against the city of Philadelphia, which alleged that police and rescue workers contributed to her 2002 death, May 11.
PhillyCarShare recently announced it has formed a partnership with the city of Philadelphia to reduce the city's fleet, improve air quality and help save "millions of taxpayer dollars."